Did you know that the United States was number 4 in Manufacturing Countries in 2010 . In 2016 the United States moved up to the number 2 spot and continues to position itself among the worldwide pioneers in innovative work (R&D) exercises by putting resources into top colleges, R&D ability, and funding, ventures that help move the organization higher in by and large manufacturing competitiveness. At 7 Seas Sourcing we do work with a number of USA manufacturers, but pricing can be an issue for a lot of customers.

In today’s industry it is imperative to manufacture a high quality part at a reduce cost. That requires choosing not only the best manufacturing method, but also what country best fits your business and product. Below we listed 7 manufacturing countries that are alternatives.

  • China- The country is Vertically integrated to handle almost any manufacturing process from a plastic injection, Stampings, Forgings, Castings, Machine parts, etc. There low cost labor force coupled with their growing manufacturing education makes them a formidable country for most any manufactured item. China and the USA are the world’s Job Shop.
  • India – India is the third-largest economy in purchasing power parity after the U.S. and China, additionally it has a large population of engineers and factory workers, its intellectual property is widely respected. You can manufacturer about anything here as it is very similar to the USA and China, but Stainless steel parts are exceptionally attractive in this country. That coupled with the newly imposed Tariffs on China to the USA makes India a very formidable option to China.
  • Taiwan- For an island Taiwan has over 20 million people and well educated work force. They can handle a number of different manufacturing process similar to the USA, China and India. There low cost labor force coupled with their growing manufacturing education makes them a formidable country for most any manufactured item. China and the USA are the world’s Job Shop.
  • Vietnam – This small nation is rising in the manufacturing industry and becoming one of the top manufacturing countries in the world. It’s considered a developing nation, but Vietnam is capable of quality manufacturing. Pricing is usually lower than China, but the quality level is definitely something that needs to be monitored consistently. There is a number of China owned factories in Vietnam as well that is definitely helping bridge this gap. They specialize in a number of manufacturing process from Cut and Sew, Stamping, Plastic Injections, and more.
  • Thailand – Thailand is considered one of Asia’s major automotive, electronics and petrochemical production hubs. Its success is partly due to its existing infrastructure and relative ease of doing business. Thailand is the ⦁ largest producer and exporter of natural rubber in the world. Thailand’s natural rubber resources can reduce production costs for rubber products. They also have the ability to handle a number of wood products like frames and furniture.
  • Malaysia – Malaysia and Thailand is similar in their manufacturing process, but Manufacturing activities in Malaysia also include electronics, smelting, logging and timber processing. Electronics is one of the major growth industries within the country.
  • Mexico – Mexico is similar to China and India in the aspect it can manufacturer anything. The electronic industry has become widespread in the capitol city of Jalisco and it is known as the epicenter of the electronics sector. This on top of new trade acts with the United States makes Mexico an attractive option, but the pricing is not always advantages over the United States.

If you are like many other business struggling to figure out what is best for your company please feel free to reach out to a 7 Seas sales representative and see how we can help. We look forward to helping make the World work for you!