Stampings Pressed to Fit

At 7 Seas Sourcing we can handle stamping multiple materials using state of the art processes that will bring high quality stamped product to your organization. We are a complete supply chain partner with continuous improvement to help with all your stamping needs.

So if you require a simple or complex stamping with low, medium or high production we have a solution. We utilize manufacturers all over the world from the USA, China, India and Taiwan.  Our stamping facilities use the latest technologies and can stamp any type of material from plastic, steel, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, etc. Every shipment is also subject to vigorous quality control measures including SPC and CMM and others.

Stamping Capabilities

• Press Stamping
• Deep Draw Stampings
• Precision Stampings
• Coining
• Bending, Curling, Flanging, Embossing, etc.

Additional Finishes 

• Chrome Plating
• Painting
• Lithographic transfer
• Pad, Screen and laser print

At 7 Seas Sourcing you can count on us to deliver quality and innovation to help your company succeed. Ask us how we can help you.




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