Plastic Product That Fits

In today’s global sourcing economy, many seek a broad supplier - one that can help you through challenges and perform at a high level and be cost competitive. 7 Seas Sourcing we will make sure you get this type of service on every program.

We have the ability to manufacture thermoplastic and thermoset materials all over the world.  We are a complete supply chain partner with continuous improvement and quality standards to help with all your plastic manufacturing needs.

If it is prototypes, low, medium or high production we have a solution that will work.

Plastic Capabilities

• Injection Molding
• Plastic Extrusion
• Compression Molding
• Blow Molding
• Roto Molding (Rotocast)
• Thermoform
• Vacuum Form

Additional Finishes 

• Chrome Plating
• Painting
• Lithographic transfer
• Pad, Screen and laser print

At 7 Seas Sourcing you can count on us to deliver quality and innovation to help your company succeed. Ask us how we can help you.



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