Castings Your Way

7 Seas Sourcing is set-up to deliver and produce high-quality castings in multiple countries (India, Taiwan and China) to your print and specification.

• Sand Castings
• Lost Wax or Investment Castings
• Permanent Mold Castings
• Die-Casting (Gravity Feed and Pressurized)

Our foundries use advanced methods to calculate mold filling, solidification and cooling. All of which will help improve the overall quality of your product. We also provide testing for chemical and mechanical properties, thermal stress and distortion on every shipment.  Our number one goal is providing high quality castings at a low cost.

• Ductile Iron Castings
• Gray Iron Castings
• Aluminum Castings
• Zinc Castings
• Brass Castings
• Bronze Castings
• Stainless Steel Castings

We have experience heat treating aluminum castings to a proper T4-T7 ASTM standard. We also offer a variety of finishes.

• E-Coat, Painting, & Powder Coat
• Electroplating (Zinc, Nickel, Brass, etc.) 
• Chrome Plating
• Galvanizing
• Vacuum Plating
• Lithographic transfer

At 7 Seas Sourcing we pride ourselves on quality and innovation to help your company succeed. Ask us how we can help you.



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