7 Makes a Difference

Businesses throughout the country, in most industries, are outsourcing manufacturing needs overseas to off-set increased manufacturing cost in their local market. Cost savings is the main advantage of sourcing to other countries; unfortunately the risks and challenges are concerns for every business. Overseas sourcing means overcoming a variety of barriers: time, distance, language and culture.  What factories or companies should you trust? Is the supplier able to deliver what they promise, on time, and to specification?

7 Seas Sourcing overcomes these obstacles and eliminates the risks involved in manufacturing  product overseas to YOUR specifications and on time. We set ourselves apart from our competition by offering a full array of services from manufacturing, inspection, and logistics. With over 20 years of experience in design, engineering, and manufacturing locally  we have the ability to help in almost any program.  We have identified and partnered with the highest quality  manufacturers both on and off shore to help us reach these goals. 

Our design and engineering capabilities help customers with new products as well as current build to print products to make sure they can prove out a product before going to production.  This helps improve cost, production and speed to market. Our guarantee is we will source a factory for your product using our vast network of manufacturers based on your requirements.  We act as your manufacturing partner, ensuring your products are built to print correctly the first time and delivered on time, on budget and to the highest quality specifications. This way you can be at ease knowing 7 Seas Sourcing is working for you.  

We help customer's save cost without jeopardizing quality and timing. At 7 Seas Sourcing you can count on us to deliver quality and innovation to help your company succeed. Ask us how we can help you.


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